Scalable, Centralized Log Parser Tool

Ingest, parse and transform logs for clear actionable insights. Stop reading through thousands of lines in log files for the needle in a haystack and implement better log management.

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Get insights for structured and unstructured logs

Turn unstructured data into a valuable actionable insights by parsing, transforming, and enriching logs for use cases for all teams irrespective of source. Find hidden bugs, collaborate and share them with the team and add them to your backlog.

clearinsights log management

Centralized Log Management

Ingest, analyze and visualize data for all of your applications with real-time centralized logging.

Quickly integrate ClearInsights Logging & Exception Handling with just a few lines of code.

No more logging to text files, event viewer or other unmanageable places. ClearInsights centralized logging is easy to implement, easy to use and easy to manage.

All logs - All errors - All application metrics
One Place

User ClearInsights to ingest, analyze and
act on application logs and metrics from one centralized platform.