Simplified Centralized Log Management

Ingest, analyze and visualize data for all of your applications with real-time centralized logging. 

clearinsights log management
 builder.Logging.AddClearInsightsLogger(configuration =>
     configuration.ApiKey = "{ApiKey}";
     configuration.Secret = "{Environment Client Secret}";
     configuration.ApplicationName = "{Application Name}";
 //Add to use ClearInsights global error handling.
 //This will automatically catch any unhandled exceptions
 app.UseClearInsightsExceptionHandling(options =>
     //Add to extend the error handler and add additional logic.
     //Add logic like custom HTTP response, etc...
     options.OnError += (sender, arg) =>
         var response = "Oops something went wrong";
         arg.HttpContext.Response.ContentType = "text/html";
         arg.HttpContext.Response.StatusCode = 
 (int)HttpStatusCode.NotFound; arg.HttpContext.Response.WriteAsync(response); }; });

Easy Implementation

Quickly integrate ClearInsights Logging & Exception Handling with just a few lines of code.

No more storing logs in text files, log event viewer, or other inconvenient places. ClearInsights offers a centralized log management system that is simple to implement, user-friendly, and hassle-free to manage. 

Cloud Integrations


No more scattered disorganized logs

Keep track of logs and exceptions from all your applications to gain better visibility into your logging data. Cut down on complexity and costs while making security, compliance, speed, and usability better.

Provide actionable insight for the whole team with ClearInsights Centralized Log Management Tools.

End to end log tracing

When did that happen? Where did that happen? How did that happen? Why did that happen?

ClearInsights end-to-end tracing, log analysis, and log aggregation tools provide crystal-clear, actionable insights.

Supercharged Productivity

Connect to your favorite integrations to improve productivity and team collaboration. 

  • Better Productivity
  • Better Collaboration
  • Clear Actionable Insights

Save big with

Better Log Management

ClearInsights replaces a bunch of tools. See how our price compares with Datadog,

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Log Management

Bug Management




$479/month for 5 team members and 2 million ingested logs and processed bugs.


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$59/month for 5 team members and 2 million ingested logs.

Ready to save time and work smarter?

Centralized log management software that helps teams organize, reduce noise, find hidden bugs and collaborate better. Super charge your dev teams productivity with ClearInsights.

Discover ClearInsights

Find out why ClearInsights is the best place for all of your log management needs. Our platform gives you useful and easy-to-use tools to improve your log management practices.

Check out our helpful articles, tutorials, and tips to learn more about log management. Find out why log analysis is important and how to gather, organize, and store logs in the most effective way.

Through objective evaluations and comparisons, you can learn a lot about the top-ranked log management solutions and platforms. Our content is easy to understand and unbiased, so you can make choices based on what you need.

Find real-world examples and use cases that show how good log management can enhance troubleshooting, security, and general performance better.

Schedule a demo today to find out how to use your log data to its fullest potential and make better decisions.

What is Log Management Software?

Log management software is a game-changer for SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses). It is a useful tool that helps SMBs monitor their IT systems, including servers, operating systems, and mobile apps.

Log management solutions offers you a single place to see records from many different places, like devices, databases, apps, and routers. It puts all the important information in one handy place.

Each record, also known as a log entry, contains valuable details. For instance, SMBs can track customer browsing and monitor remote employee device usage for accessing important files.

But here’s the exciting part: log management tools efficiently sift through log entries and send alerts for any unusual occurrences. Customize rules to receive alerts for website errors like 404 Page Not Found or 500 Internal Server Error.

With log management software, SMBs can keep an eye on IT problems and fix them before they get worse. It’s like having a trusted friend protect your systems so you can focus on building your business.

Which Category Do You Fall Into?

No matter how big or small a business is, ClearInsights is a useful tool. It makes log management easier by having features like better analysis, debugging, increased security, and better efficiency. With ClearInsights, businesses can make choices based on facts that are smart and will help them grow. It’s like having a reliable companion who simplifies log management.

Important Factors to Keep in Mind

After assessing your needs for a small business or enterprise. It’s crucial to evaluate the features, pricing, and use cases of the available log management software products. If you’re considering ClearInsights, here are some key things to think about:

Functionality matters: Log management solutions are all about collecting and storing event data in one place. For small businesses, log auditing is crucial for meeting regulations like PCI, HIPAA, and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Pricing factors: ClearInsights offers competitive pricing that’s perfect for SMBs. You’ll receive high-quality log management solutions at an affordable price. Enabling you to analyze logs, resolve issues, and enhance security, all within your budget. It is a smart investment that provides you with a competitive advantage in the market.

The Benefits of Implementing Centralized Log Management Solutions:

Businesses can benefit from centralized log management solutions in many ways. They make it easy to gather log data from different sources, store it, and examine it on a single platform. This centralized method improves awareness, makes it easier to find and fix problems, makes security better, and helps with compliance. 

The Ultimate Guide To Logging: What it is and Why You Need it.

Learn how to make the most of logging with our complete assistance. Find out why logging is important for your business. Capture data, analyze system usage, fix issues, increase security, and make informed decisions. Get useful information and tips on how to make the most of the benefits of logging for your success.

Why Centralized Log Management is a Must-Have for Every Business:

Every business must have centralized log management. It puts log data from different sources on a single platform, which makes tracking, analyzing, and keeping things safe easier. Businesses can quickly fix problems, find threats, and improve processes with this option. 

How To Use Software Telemetry For Reliable Logging And Monitoring:

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Explore Additional Features: Enhance Software Performance

Bug Management

Stay ahead of issues, ensure a smooth user experience, and deliver high-quality products with our bug management guide.

Learn how to eliminate bugs with the aid of our comprehensive guide. This guide gives you tips and ways to track, prioritize, and fix software bugs quickly and effectively.

Application Monitoring

 Application monitoring is an important practice that involves tracking and analyzing the performance and behavior of software applications. By monitoring apps, firms may identify issues and optimize performance. It helps companies find and fix problems before they happen, improve the user experience, and make their apps run better overall.