Simplified Centralized Log Management

Ingest, analyze and visualize data for all of your applications with real-time centralized logging. Integrate with your teams’ backlog and transform your application reliability through actionable insights.

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clearinsights log management

Average bugs created per day with project management integration

0 %

Reduction in bug resolution time

+ 1

Developers from the community

Easy Native Implementation

Quickly integrate ClearInsights Logging & Exception Handling with just a few lines of code.

No more logging to text files, event viewer or other unmanageable places. ClearInsights centralized logging is easy to implement, easy to use and easy to manage. 

 builder.Logging.AddClearInsightsLogger(configuration =>
     configuration.ApiKey = "{ApiKey}";
     configuration.Secret = "{Environment Client Secret}";
     configuration.ApplicationName = "{Application Name}";
 //Add to use ClearInsights global error handling.
 //This will automatically catch any unhandled exceptions
 app.UseClearInsightsExceptionHandling(options =>
     //Add to extend the error handler and add additional logic.
     //Add logic like custom HTTP response, etc...
     options.OnError += (sender, arg) =>
         var response = "Oops something went wrong";
         arg.HttpContext.Response.ContentType = "text/html";
         arg.HttpContext.Response.StatusCode = 
 (int)HttpStatusCode.NotFound; arg.HttpContext.Response.WriteAsync(response); }; });

Better Defect Management

With insights for everyone across your team

Easy Integration

Integrate with modern project management platforms for fully automated bug resolution


Automatically create and assign bugs to developers before end users report an issue

Team Awareness

Create multiple notification groups to keep all team members aware based on their preferred frequency for alerts

User Experience

Easy to use platform that helps product teams better manage their application portfolio with logs from multiple sources in a centralized logging user interface.

Better Insights

Robust reporting and searching capabilities that provides end to end insights into all of your applications and services

Project Management Integration

Integration with modern project management platforms to improve and streamline your teams development efforts

Enhance Product Team Performance

Exception Automation

Improve your defect management lifecycle with ClearInsights Exception automation. Automatically convert new bugs into workable user stories.

No more finding out about bugs from end users.

Project Management Integration

Integrate with Jira, Azure DevOps and more… A better way for product teams to manage logs for all of their products and applications with one easy to use platform.

ClearInsights SDK

Easily integrate with ClearInsights SDK to add robust logging to any application and service.

What Makes ClearInsights Different

What sets ClearInsights apart from other centralized logging solutions? Developer friendly centralized logging system designed by developers for developers and product teams. Reducing noise, improving processes, empowering developers and providing actionable insights.