What is ClearInsights?

ClearInsights is a developer-first centralized logging and monitoring platform that helps product teams better manage their applications and services.

  • Centralized Log Management
  • Centralized Application Monitoring
  • Centralized Bug Management
  • Developer Tools

More and more product teams around the world are already using ClearInsights

2000 +

Active developers
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More productivity with less effort

Product teams are much more productive using ClearInsights logging, project management integration, automation and monitoring.

  • Identify and resolve bugs much faster
  • Seamless application status monitoring

Advanced Logging Made Easy

Logging re-invisioned, logs without action are not that useful. ClearInsights provides advanced logging with actionable insights and automatic resolution.

The Complete Monitoring Solution

  • Unlimited status pages designed for the right audience

  • Performance monitoring for applications and services

  • Monitoring conditions for any scenario – define what conditions determine the status of your applications and services
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bugs resolved

  • Improved defect management lifecycle
  • 83% reduction in bug resolution time


Average bugs created per day with project management integration

We’re Better. Here’s Why…

Built by developers for developers and product teams with the goal of reducing noise and bottlenecks and improving application development and performance.

Easy To Use
Easy To Use

A user friendly interface designed for easy navigation and better workflows

Powerful Features
Powerful Features

Features designed to improve product team performance and process

Developer First Approach
Developer First Approach

Providing tools and features that empower developers and product teams

Error tracking and management

  • Cut through the noise of error tracking tools to find and categorize your highest-priority issues
  • Surface the most impactful issues affecting your users
  • Review stack traces for every issue

Performance Monitoring

  • Monitor application uptime
  • Track dynamic process conditions
  • Monitor application performance metrics

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