ClearInsights for HOSTINGER

Centralized log management, bug management and application monitoring for HOSTINGER applications and services

Reduce bug resolution time by 83%

Bugs happen, downtime happens. How your team manages and resolves bugs makes all the difference in providing a great experience for your end users. 

Resolve issues faster with fully automated bug management. Bugs will be in your teams backlog and assigned to developers before end users report them.

clearinsights log management

Centralized Log Management

Ingest, analyze and visualize data for all of your applications with real-time centralized logging.

Quickly integrate ClearInsights Logging & Exception Handling with just a few lines of code.

No more logging to text files, event viewer or other unmanageable places. ClearInsights centralized logging is easy to implement, easy to use and easy to manage.

Uptime Monitoring & Status Pages

Improve uptime and reliability across all of your products. Dynamically define any condition for application uptime and keep developers, product teams and stake holders informed at all times.

Reduce noise and increase team focus and awareness with unlimited team oriented status pages.

Save big with ClearInsights

ClearInsights replaces a bunch of tools. See how our price compares with Datadog,

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Application Performance Monitoring

Bug Management

Status Pages




$458/month for 5 team members and 2 million ingested logs and processed bugs.


check_circle Centralized Log Mangement
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$59/month for 5 team members and 2 million ingested logs and processed bugs.

All logs - All errors - All application metrics
One Place

User ClearInsights to ingest, analyze and
act on application logs and metrics from one centralized platform.