Take Control of Your Logs. Boost Productivity and Maximize Performance!

Ingest, analyze and visualize logs for all of your applications with real-time centralized logging. 

Nearly 2k teams rely on ClearInsights for better log management and improved application reliability.

AI Powered Log Analysis

View everything from backend APIs to frontend user devices and resolve issues with AI insights.

Structured, centralized, seamless logs

Seamless log tracing from start to finish

When did that happen? Where did that happen? How did that happen? Why did that happen?

Seamless end to end contextual log tracing

Better collaboration and insights

Connect to your favorite integrations to improve productivity and team collaboration. 


Troubleshoot, debug, and resolve issues faster on one platform.

Azure Log Analytics

Maximize log analysis in the Azure cloud with our seamless integration to Azure Log Analytics. Collect, store, and analyze logs from diverse Azure resources, gaining valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Google Cloud Monitoring

Optimize log management in your AWS environment with our integrated platform and Amazon CloudWatch. Collect, store, and analyze logs from diverse AWS resources effortlessly.

Amazon CloudWatch

Efficiently manage logs in your Google Cloud environment with our integrated log management platform and Google Cloud Monitoring.

Save BIG with Better Log Management

The Breakdown

Compared to Datadog log pricing and Sentry.io error management pricing, ClearInsights offers a cost-effective solution without compromising on functionality.


ClearInsights outperforms both Datadog log monitor and Sentry.IO error monitoring, providing superior features and value for your log management needs. 

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Log Management


Bug Management




$479/month for 5 team members and 2 million ingested logs and processed bugs.


check_circle Centralized Log Management
check_circle Centralized Application Monitoring
check_circle Centralized Bug Management




$59/month for 5 team members and 2 million ingested logs.

Start ClearInsights Log Management fast, and for free.

Get complete visibility into all your logs with automatic AI error detection. Resolve issues faster and improve application reliability.