Customer Success

ClearInsights Customer Success programs provide you with the guidance to help teams successfully implement logging and monitoring.

Growth and success

With the growth of technology and best practices such as microservices architecture, we know that managing application performance, logs & uptime is becoming more important to the success for companies and product teams. To maximize ROI, additional help is sometimes required.


Get the right level of support for your team.


Realize value throughout your journey with ClearInsights.


Leverage ClearInsights experience with developer first approach to application logging and monitoring.

Built for success

A package & pricing tier for every stage of your company's growth cycle.

Ready to enhance your product team experience?

Improving product experience by empowering product teams

Reducing Bottlenecks

At ClearInsights one of our core objectives is to reduce the time from which a defect is discovered for an application to when the defect is resolved. This is achieved by removing unnecessary bottle necks and empowering Dev Teams with the tools needed to achieve their goals. 

Enhanced Visibility

  • Product status pages designed for any audience
  • Robust application performance monitoring
  • Advanced insight into defect resolution