Creating Your First Status Page

Status pages are a great way for developers, product teams and businesses to monitor the performance, reliability and health of their applications and services. With technology serving a huge role in most industries for companies of all sizes, the health and operational status of technology is becoming more and more important.

Configuring Product/Environment

Add 1 or more conditions to your product and environment that will used determine its status. Choose between Ping, Performance & Dynamic conditions to define uptime. All conditions for a environment will be used to determine the uptime status. The parameters that define an applications uptime status are not one size fits all. ClearInsights provides multiple conditions that helps you define those custom parameters for uptime monitoring.

Ping Condition
Checking a URL or endpoint to determine if the resource is up and running.

Performance Condition
Define CPU & Memory thresholds for your applications that will be used to determine uptime by performance metrics.

Dynamic Condition
Define expected payload at specific time intervals that will be sent via the ClearInsights SDK. This will be used to determine the uptime by dynamically set expected payloads at specific intervals.
Ex. If you have a process that needs to complete every day at 1am, you can create a dynamic condition to monitor this process.

Creating A Status Page

Create 1 or more status page designed to give development and product teams more focus and insight into the applications and products that they work on. Add 1 or more pre configured product/environment configurations to a status page to give you better insight and improve application reliability for your whole team.

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